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We don’t believe that anyone should be held back by a vision impairment. We campaign for the rights of people with sight loss to help them access public transport, our town centres and other public services. A guide dog can change the life of a blind or partially sighted person by enabling them to travel independently and with confidence. However, without the right laws and policies in place this partnership could be undermined. We are here to make sure all people with vision impairments can live their lives to the full.

We couldn’t do this without your support, and in 2018 we worked with over 30,000 amazing volunteer campaigners. From signing petitions and sharing posts on social media, to writing to their MP and going out to collect signatures on our behalf; our campaigns community help us to drive change.

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It’s really important to campaign for change on issues that guide dog owners and people with sight loss face. Often these challenges are really dangerous and yet so simple to rectify.
Alex, guide dog owner
A guide dog owner kisses his guide dog on the head

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Having a guide dog should never stop people with sight loss from living the life they choose, and that includes travelling both within the UK and between Great Britain and other European countries.

Please write to your MP using our quick template and ask them to raise this with the Minister.

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