How we are making a difference...

Three e-scooters parked on the pavement

Despite legal restrictions, e-scooters are being used unsafely across the country. Our campaign is raising awareness on this, so people with a vision impairment don't lose out in the legalisation process.

Guide dog owner talking to a taxi driver

Assistance dog owners have the right for their dog to accompany them to most places. However, many have experienced access refusals. We’re campaigning to end this.

guide dog owner and dog sat on bus

Talking buses have audio visual announcements onboard to help you know where you are. Our campaigns work means that in the future all buses will be Talking Buses.

Guide dog owner navigating around car parked on the pavement

We are campaigning to make streets safer for people with a visual impairment. Our Streets Ahead campaign incorporates street clutter, pavement parking and shared surfaces.

Guide dog owner waiting to cross at flat road

Electric and hybrid cars are quiet, making it difficult for people with a vision impairment to know they are there. Discover how we are campaigning to make them safer.

Guide dog on harness staring at camera

Attacks on guide dogs are dangerous, scary and potentially life-changing for the dog and its owner. Learn what we've achieved through successfully campaigning to stop these attacks.

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