Funeral collections

Collect in memory of your loved one

It's traditional to give flowers at a funeral, but more and more people are choosing to commemorate the life of a loved one by donating to a cause close to their heart. Gifts made in memory like this are especially important to Guide Dogs, as they're a very personal way of remembering someone, whilst also supporting our vital work.

Create a funeral collection

If you would like to create an online funeral collection to let family and friends know about your loved one's service you can do so by creating a funeral notice using the form below. 

If you are looking for an existing funeral collection please use the search box below: 

Funeral collections envelopes

Guide Dogs can provide special envelopes to use for a funeral collection. They're tastefully designed and the pre-paid envelopes can be handed back to the person who organised the collection or sent directly back to us. To order envelopes please contact us by email or call 0800 953 0113.

People found the envelopes really useful because they could then give in the way that best suited them.

I'm so pleased with our total raised and I know my mother would've been delighted. She would've said, 'It may only buy two left toenails and the tuft on the end of a tail, but it all helps!'
Rosemary Regan

Please contact us to order envelopes

0800 953 0113