Virtual challenges

No matter on your location or fitness level, you can still join in with #TeamGuideDogs fundraising events.

Our upcoming virtual challenges

Thank you for your interest in our virtual challenges. Although we don’t have any available to sign up to at the moment, we are working hard behind the scenes to get our next one ready for you to take on. In the meantime, join our Guide Dogs Events Facebook Group for the latest updates, and to meet other members of #TeamGuideDogs.

How the money you raise helps people with sight loss

Every kilometre and every pound raised will truly help the two million children and adults living with sight loss currently in the UK. Your amazing donations really make a difference...

  • £6 could support a working guide dog partnership for a day.
  • £26 could buy a white harness, the iconic symbol of a working guide dog.
  • £69 could buy a puppy raising kit for the volunteers who look after our puppies during their first year.
  • £138 could buy a starter kit for a guide dog partnership, containing everything they need to start their new life together.
  • £865 could buy a birthing kit, containing all the essential equipment for a guide dog mum to safely deliver her puppies.

Join our Facebook page to sign up and be kept up to date with all of the latest information on our virtual challenges.