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Guide dog owner Anica with Labrador  guide dog Lassie in harness walkiing through her university campus

“It wasn’t just getting around that was affecting me, I was stressed and anxious. Having Lassie has given me my independence back and the chance to chase my dreams.”

Guide dog owner Lynette sitting with guide dog Pippa

"Before Pippa I was struggling to walk to the shops. I didn't have any confidence. Now I'm able to do what I want."

A german shepherd sits on a hillside with a countryside landscape in the background

"It was an honour and privilege to have Willow in our lives. Homing a brood bitch is a wonderful way to have a dog."

Black dog sitting on grass with snow covered hills in the background

"Being paired with Verney changed my life in a way that I never thought possible, he's given me my freedom."

A large Victorian building

"One of the single biggest challenges for someone with sight loss, is having the confidence to try again."