A new chapter

Many of us have experienced the need to start afresh at some point in our lives – whether it's saying goodbye to an old friend, starting a new job or making a new home. Change is always hard but for some the challenges faced are even tougher.

Glenwynne was in her mid-thirties when she was registered blind. Until that point she was a busy, independent woman who had taken life by storm, gaining experience in many areas including running her own shop. Sadly, her old way of life was cut short when her sight deteriorated to such an extent that she didn’t even recognise her own mother.

When guide dog George came into her life she gained the confidence she needed to go to college and complete a degree in information technology, turning her life around and building a successful career in web accessibility.

Glenwynne says: “Having a guide dog has helped me reach my working potential. One of the single biggest challenges for someone with sight loss is having the confidence to try again. Guide Dogs gives you that.”

Glenwynne is now in her 60s and with her third guide dog, Poppy. She works for the prestigious World Wide Web Consortium on a project educating web developers on accessibility.

She continues: “I wouldn’t be where I am now without George; he saved my life, and my sanity.”

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