Terry and Margaret

When Terry and Margaret’s dog passed away, they were worried that they might struggle to look after another dog as they got older. Fostering for Guide Dog’s means they provide a temporary home for a dog that gives them companionship and gets them exercising!

The best part of fostering for Guide Dogs is that we get a lovely dog without any worries.

Elwell is our third dog we’ve fostered and he’s so cuddly and affectionate.

When our family dog passed away a few years ago, we talked about getting a new dog but we worried it might be too much for us as we got older. Our friend had been fostering for Guide Dogs for years and said it worked really well for her. So we applied, and this is where we are now! We absolutely love what we’re doing. 

Fostering a dog fits in perfectly around our life. We take Elwell to the Guide Dogs centre each day for 9am and pick him up around 4pm. We’re both retired teachers but I still do first aid training so if I can’t drop Elwell off, Guide Dogs come pick him up. We also know someone is there to look after Elwell if we go on holiday. 

On the weekend, we take Elwell on a good walk. Our previous dog was quite elderly so we were only taking her on small walks. The foster dogs are about a year old so we get really good exercise with them. It’s great for our health! 

We feel really feel that our volunteering role is important. We were really attached to the first dog we fostered, Carli. However, we got to see her with her owner and that makes it all worthwhile. We went to the Guide Dog’s centre in Atherton and Carli came to greet us but immediately returned to her owners side as if to say ‘I’ve got a job to do.’ Carli has given her owner the opportunity to go to university and live a full life. 

It is hard to say goodbye to the dogs but there’s a little bit of smugness inside knowing you’ve done a good job.