Access technology and grants

Our access technology team gives advice on choosing the most appropriate technology and sensory equipment to help children and young people with a vision impairment study and play.

Assistive or adaptive technology and sensory toys can make all the difference to how a child with sight loss learns and plays. There are so many options – including:

  • computer equipment and software
  • Braille devices
  • screen readers or magnifiers
  • multi-sensory toys
  • resonance boards and more

Finding the right equipment for a child or young person is vital, but can be an overwhelming task.

Do you need help choosing the best possible devices and software to meet your child's needs at home and/or at school?

Please get in touch, our advice is independent and unbiased, as we don't sell any equipment.

Apply for a grant

We also offer a grants programme that allows families to apply for recommended items they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

Grant criteria

What will Guide Dogs' children and young people's services support?

Application form

Please send completed application forms and supporting documents to or Guide Dogs, Access Technology Grants Programme, 10 Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4EB.