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Large print children's books

We don’t believe a vision impairment should stop you, or your child, from knowing the joy of reading. That’s why our CustomEyes large print books give them the chance to read a real book, just like everybody else.

From Dr Seuss to Shakespeare, from inspirational fiction to educational textbooks, we have over 4,200 large print books available – and counting. Each one is custom made, with font size, spacing, colour and more all tailored to your child’s individual needs. 

I could read them myself without any help and started liking reading! It’s like you’re in a different world.
Fin, CustomEyes member

Why order a CustomEyes book?

A CustomEyes large print book for a child with sight loss means children and young people can have exactly the same books as their friends and classmates. This not only helps them keep up at school, they can share books with friends too.

If your child is not comfortable using a magnifier, or gets tired using a screen, they can pick up a real book and still enjoy reading and learning.

Becoming a CustomEyes member is easy and completely free. And thanks to a generous Guide Dogs subsidy, all large print books are available at the recommended retail price, regardless of format.

  • How to order a CustomEyes book
    1. Become a CustomEyes member by filling in an individual or schools and services form
    2. Take a look at our catalogue , then download an order form – this is where you can tell us how you’d like your book customised
    3. We'll send your CustomEyes book to enjoy within seven working days of receiving your order
  • How can I tailor my book?

    When you order your book, please tell us the:

    • font type, such as Comic Sans or Verdana
    • font size, such as 18 or 48
    • font strength, such as bold or normal
    • line spacing, such as single, 1.5 or double
    • paper colour for the pages
    • binding, for example spiral binding so books lie flat
    To work out what’s best, add a free copy of our sample book to your order – at the top of each page, there are clear details about the font and spacing used. When you know what you need, please donate the sample book to a school or library so others can order a CustomEyes large print book.

    You can also send it back to us at:
    Burghfield Common
    RG7 3YG


  • How many books can I order?

    There's no limit to how many books you can order, however, large orders may affect the delivery time - but we'll be in contact if it does.

  • What is the delivery charge?
    There's a handling fee of £2.50 per order.

World Book Day

CustomEyes will again be working with World Book Day (WBD) to bring you 11 of the 12 titles in large print for 2020, in exchange for your WBD token. We're also accepting the tokens offered by MacDonalds in their Happy Meal!

To order your WBD books please complete the membership form, if you're not already a member, complete your order form not forgetting to include your chosen formatting and send to CustomEyes with one WBD token per book.

Suspension of CustomEyes service

It is with deep regret that due to high demand CustomEyes is having to suspend any new book orders until further notice. We are working through current orders as quickly as we can but we do expect a delay

We will of course resume our normal service as soon as we can.

The CustomEyes team thank you for your order and continued support.

  • I have a World Book Day (WBD) token that runs out on 31 March, how can I get my WBD book? 
    CustomEyes will honour the vouchers for WBD for one month after normal service is resumed.
  • I currently have an order with you, when will I receive my books?
    We currently estimate two – three weeks turnaround providing we also still have Royal Mail Collections. This may be reviewed pending other government guidance, but we will keep you informed.
  • I am a school and we have placed a large order – will this take longer?
    Yes, due to the current volumes we would expect a longer delay processing large orders.
  • I no longer need my order as the book will not be relevant due to the delay, can I cancel my order?
    Yes, providing your order has not already been processed you may cancel your order and either request a credit or refund.
  • Who do I contact to discuss my order?
    You can call the CustomEyes team on 0118 983 8275, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.

Do you need help?

If you’ve got any more questions, or suggestions on how to improve our large print books, call or email us

0118 983 8275