Guide dog owners resources

Looking after your guide dog is a serious responsibility, but it needn't be a burden. We help you with regular support, and provide important tips on care and development.

Dog Care and Welfare Advisers

You can contact your local Dog Care and Welfare adviser at any time, they'll give you advice and support on a wide range veterinary care policies and procedures.

Fireworks and garden safety

Find out what to do about fireworks and keeping your dog safe in the garden, including advice on fencing, water features and poisonous plants.

Grooming and sun protection

Regular grooming builds a crucial bond between you and your guide dog has many other benefits. It's also important to protect your dog in hot weather. More on grooming and sun protection.

Families and new babies

You need to take care with your dog when bringing a new baby into the home, just as you would with any family pet. Discover all you need to know about meeting new babies.

Supporting the End of a Partnership (Steps)

STEPs is a listening service manned by guide dog owners who are qualified practitioners and experienced listeners. They take calls from guide dog owners who may be suffering from bereavement and loss of a guide dog partnership.