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Pupdate 1 - Cookie’s story begins

Hello, it’s Joanne here, Cookie’s Puppy Walker. I am excited to update you on what she has been up to. 

Cookie is the thirteenth puppy that I have raised for Guide Dogs. I love that the pups come to you as tiny balls of fluff and you get to witness them grow and develop. Before you know it, you are watching them mastering skills and confidently exploring the world around them. I’m so proud to be a part of Cookie’s journey to become a guide dog. 

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    Settling in 

    Cookie is a typical German shepherd with a big cheeky personality that makes me laugh every day! She shares her home with our pet dog, Poppy who she gets on with wonderfully. 

    I was so impressed with how quickly Cookie settled in with us and I think Poppy had a big part to play in this, as she provided lots of companionship and taught Cookie how to behave around the house. They love curling up together in their bed and Cookie follows Poppy around like a little toddler with their older sibling! 

    Cookie’s favourite toys are some plastic building cups that once belonged to my grandchildren. She has taken quite the liking to them and runs around with them on her nose! She also adores anything that squeaks and can make quite a racket sometimes, but I love seeing her having fun!

    Learning new skills

    Cookie has been attending puppy classes to learn basic obedience skills such as ‘down’ and ‘sit’. I’m so pleased with her progress so far. Being in a room full of lots of other dogs is challenging for any young pup, but Cookie handles it well and remains focused on me throughout. 

    I’ve been teaching Cookie good food manners by asking her to wait for the whistle sound before she eats her food. This encourages her to remain patient and not get overexcited when around food. 

    Improving patience 

    Cookie has the tendency to be quite impatient sometimes. She can be vocal, often barking at me when I’m busy or not focusing on her and can sometimes pull on her lead when she is excited to get somewhere. I will spend the coming months teaching her that the world doesn’t always revolve around her, no matter how cute she is! 


    As a Puppy Walker it’s my job to ‘socialise’ Cookie. This is where I expose her to as many different sights, sounds and smells as possible in order to increase her confidence in new situations. I’ve taken her to London to experience the hustle and bustle of crowded places and we’ve travelled by bus and train together to get her used to public transport. Cookie and I will go on lots more adventures together over the coming months and I’m looking forward to seeing her confidence increase further. 

    Thank you for sponsoring Cookie. Look out for her next Pupdate in June to see how she is progressing. 


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  • Meet Cookie

    Here’s six-week-old Cookie at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre. She is a curious and keen German Shepherd who loves to explore new sounds and smells.