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Pupdate 6

Hi I’m Dan, Eddie’s Advanced Trainer and I’m excited to give you an update on this handsome boy!

Eddie is such a sweet, lovely and brilliant lad. He’s been under the care of the Peterborough Mobility Team for a few months, as they’ve been helping him to adjust since his first match sadly didn’t work out. Eddie is now picking up his training again to refresh his skills and, since he’s so capable, he’s come to busy London with a view to finding his future owner very shortly!

London life

Eddie is currently staying at home with me and my other trainee, a yellow Labrador retriever cross called Iris. Eddie and Iris absolutely adore each other, which has really helped Eddie settle in well! Having him with me at home has also enabled us to quickly build a strong bond, which has a very positive effect on obedience. It’s helping me get Eddie up to speed nice and quickly in preparation for partnership training with his future owner.

Out and about

Every morning we get up, the dogs have their breakfast, then we hop into my van and off we go for a day of training. We often go to Redbridge Training School, or visit local places like Marlow. Marlow is brilliant as there are so many opportunities to practice Eddie’s obedience skills. There are narrow pavements, flat kerbs and pedestrian crossings as well as lots of potential distractions (such as other dogs and pigeons) for practicing Eddie’s focus. It’s very important Eddie can concentrate on his guidance work even in distracting environments. Eddie’s doing excellently though, he’s very willing. It especially makes me laugh how much he likes to wear his harness - he even pushes his head into it himself!

The right match

Eddie’s a very sweet, gentle, loving and sensitive dog and I think he would suit someone with a similar character. It’s crucial that we make the right choice for both Eddie and his new owner to ensure that they have a successful and long-term partnership. I’m currently working with several potential owners to narrow the field down to the person I think Eddie would be most suited to. I’m excited to find the right person for him! I absolutely love my job and fun dogs like Eddie make the hard work worth it! Knowing the difference Eddie will make to someone’s life is such a reward and I feel very lucky to be a part of his journey.

Thank you for sponsoring Eddie.

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