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Pupdate 1 - Hope’s journey begins

Hello, I’m Helen, Hope’s Puppy Walker. I am excited to update you on what she has been up to. 

I wanted to dedicate some of my time to volunteering work and as I absolutely adore dogs, I felt becoming a Puppy Walker was the perfect choice. When I speak to owners of guide dogs and they share how much their dog changes their life, it makes it easier to say goodbye to my pups when they go off to training school. Hope is the fourth puppy I’ve raised for Guide Dogs; she gives me so much focus and it’s rewarding having her as part of our family. 

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    Finding her feet 

    When Hope arrived we still had another guide dog in training living with us called Captain. He was the perfect role model for her, showing her the ropes and giving her the confidence to experience new things. It took a few nights for Hope to settle into the night-time routine, but now she loves getting a bedtime biscuit and snuggling down for a sleep. 

    Hope shares her home with our pet dog, Barney the cockapoo. She has such a playful personality and loves playing with Barney’s fluffy ears – he enjoys the attention too! Her favourite toys are the soft ones that she can carry around, and she enjoys chewing on a smokey bone. I’ve noticed that Hope is very respectful of everything around the house; never chewing anything she shouldn’t or making a mess. 

    Bright girl 

    Hope can be very strong-willed and picks up new skills really quickly. She’s been attending regular puppy classes, where she is learning basic obedience skills such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’. I’m extremely impressed with Hope’s recall skills as she always comes back when called. Sometimes she can be a little enthusiastic when on the lead and can pull slightly, but I am teaching her to take her time and slow down. 

    Hope is such a friendly pup so she can often get a little distracted by other dogs. It’s still early days though and I will be spending time improving her focus over the coming months. 

    Exploring the world 

    As a Puppy Walker, it’s my job to socialise the puppy which means exposing her to as many different sights, sounds and smells as possible to build her confidence in new environments. We’ve visited many different places together, including supermarkets, garden centres, dentists and the vets. I’ve even taken Hope to meet a variety of animals at our local farm; she was very good and watched them calmly. 

    Hope also joined us at my son’s wedding which was held in a big forest. She met lots of different people and it was a good opportunity for her to experience larger crowds of people. She was really well behaved, and I was so proud of her. 

    Thank you so much for sponsoring Hope. Look out for your next Pupdate in June. 


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    Here’s six-week-old Hope at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre. She is a bright and charming Labrador who enjoys making new friends.