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Here you can keep up to date with all your pup’s latest photos and videos of their journey to become a life-changing guide dog. We hope you enjoy watching your puppy transform into an incredible companion for someone who is blind or partially sighted. Thank you so much for your support; amazing people like you help make these special partnerships possible.

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Pupdate 5

Hello, I’m Sheila, Joy’s proud new owner. I’m over the moon to have been matched with Joy!

I live in Felixstowe and worked as a nurse for around 30 years before I retired. I began losing my sight around four years ago, due to macular degeneration and glaucoma. The doctors tried to save my sight with many injections, but I’m now blind in my right eye and have little vision remaining in my left. I can’t see the TV and I am no longer able to read or write.

As my sight deteriorated I would try to get out and about, but it often resulted in banging my head or getting a black eye. I started avoiding leaving the house and so to help me keep my independence, Guide Dogs taught me to use a white cane; but I still didn’t have much confidence going out on my own. I applied for a guide dog and that’s when the beautiful Joy came into my life. I can’t believe the confidence that having a guide dog gives me, I have complete trust in Joy to look after me.

Cheeky girls

Joy came to stay with me for a weekend before our partnership training began to make sure we were a good fit personality wise. We couldn’t have been more perfect as we both share the same cheeky personality!

As we started our training together I was a bit nervous, but it didn’t take long before I learnt to put my trust in Joy and now we move as one. Our partnership wouldn’t have been such a success if it wasn’t for my Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Chantelle, who taught me that there is no such word as ‘never’! She showed me the commands to give Joy so that she could guide me successfully.

Fun and games

It feels like Joy has been with me forever and we are very much in love. No one can resist her charm, even my pet cat Tiger lets Joy groom her! I recently bought Joy a paddling pool to paddle in and a purple soft toy to play with as one of our favourite pastimes is to play in the garden together. Joy has a funny habit of pulling up my flowers and so I’m trying to use this to my advantage and teach her only to pull up the weeds!

Time for a holiday

Joy has increased my confidence so much, that I’ve been getting out a lot more and have even lost weight as a result! Now that I have Joy in my life, a holiday is a real possibility for me and I can’t wait to go away to Ely and relax by the river with Joy by my side.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Joy. Look out for her final Pupdate in October.

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