Star's Pupdates

Star is a life-changer

Our super Star has graduated!

We visited the south coast to see how she’s settling into her new home with her owner Graham.

Graham and Star have been paired for four weeks now, so it’s still early days. It’s obvious they make a great pair though, as their bond is so strong already.

Graham developed a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was 18. In the last five years he noticed a big decline in his vision and he had to start using a cane to get around. He said “It got me from A to B, but now that I have Star, it’s taken a lot of stress off me.”

Star is proving to be a great guide dog and she has quickly picked up Graham’s routine. Graham works full time, and he and Star catch a ferry and a bus together as part of his daily commute.  “Star is really good on the ferry, she knows where to wait for it and which one to get on. She even remembers where we sit!”

Star loves going to work with Graham and gets lots of affection from his colleagues. “She’s very friendly and likes to be the centre of attention! She sits on her blanket and puts her head on my feet and will stay there until I move!” laughed Graham.

Star is a lucky girl and gets to go out every lunchtime with Graham’s walking group. She also accompanies Graham to a society for people with sight loss every week, where she gets to hang out with Tara and Poppy – two other guide dogs.

Star also loves going to the park to play. Graham said, “In the harness, she is spot on but once she’s out of the harness, she is just like any other dog! She loves to run around with the other dogs, she’s very speedy!” he added. “She loves the water too and jumps in belly first.” It sounds like Star is definitely a water dog!

It is clear that Star is a big part of Graham’s family already and has settled in well. We want to wish the best of luck to them both, we know she is going to make a fantastic guide dog.

Well done Star!

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