Community Hub

If you live in Bexley or Cardiff, we have some great news! Our Community Hub pilot has just launched in your area, and it is super easy to get involved.

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What is a Community Hub?

A Community Hub is a community of Guide Dogs volunteers across all different roles within a specific location. They are led by a volunteer called a Community Hub Coordinator.

What is the purpose?

To bring local volunteering communities closer together but also to improve your volunteering experience! We are hoping the hubs will enable volunteers to communicate and support each other, whilst keeping everyone informed of key updates at Guide Dogs. The hub is also an opportunity to get involved with activities or opportunities outside of your typical volunteering role. Overall, we want to ensure that our volunteers are put front and centre and receive the best volunteering experience!

How involved do I need to be?

The great thing about the hub is that you can get involved however much or little you want to. You don’t have to take on any extra volunteering responsibilities. It is just a way for you to find out about key updates and contact other volunteers in your area!

Would you love to get involved? Or are you just a little curious to find out more?

Contact your Community Hub Coordinators! If you live in Bexley, email Jayne or if you live in Cardiff, email Sian. We also really value feedback, so if you decide the hub is something not quite for you, then please email your Community Hub Coordinator the reasons why.

We can’t wait to have you onboard our exciting new venture!