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Below are details about how we pay our staff:

We’re constantly striving to make Guide Dogs a great place to work. At all levels, we need to recruit and retain talented individuals to ensure the charity can successfully help thousands of people living with sight loss feel confident and supported in the world.

Rewarding our staff

Our people are dedicated and skilled at what they do and we are constantly striving to ensure that we reward them fairly.

The current pay structure was introduced at Guide Dogs in 2010 and we now have eight broad salary bands. All roles are allocated a grade using a careful evaluation of the size of the role, using the Hay Group Method of Job Evaluation, which is the most widely used method of job evaluation.

All Guide Dogs staff, excluding Directors, are eligible for an annual pay award and progression pay. The annual pay award is a cost of living rise, while progression pay rewards staff who meet their objectives and make a significant contribution to Guide Dogs’ success as a charity.

Guide Dogs Directors do not receive an annual pay award; their pay progression is decided purely on the achievement of their objectives.

Living Wage

As a responsible and fair employer, as from 1st April 2015 all Guide Dog employees have been paid at or above the Living Wage. Over the past three years, we’ve also awarded staff at lower graded roles larger percentage salary increases than staff at other grades, to ensure their salaries remain fair and competitive.

Gender pay gap

New legislation requires Guide Dogs (and all businesses with over 250 employees) to declare their gender pay gap on an annual basis within specific parameters as governed by the HMRC. This legislation requires us to report a snapshot of data taken on 5 April 2017 both on the government’s and our own websites by 5 April 2018.

The data we are legislatively required to provide is as follows:


Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
Male £18.25 
Female  £15.92 
Pay gap 12.77%
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay
Male £17.05 
Female  £15.39 
Pay gap  9.74% 
Proportion of males and females who received bonus payments  
Male  56.91% 
Female  61.84% 
Mean bonus* gender pay gap
Male £436.62 
Female* £372.22 
Pay gap 14.74% 
Median bonus* gender pay gap
Male £699.00 
Female £562.00 
Pay gap 19.60%
Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile
Upper quartile
Male 32.18% 
Female 67.82% 
Upper middle quartile
Male 21.49% 
Female 78.51% 
Lower middle quartile
Male 12.89% 
Female 87.11% 
Lower quartile
Male 18.62%
Female 81.38% 

More information on the details surrounding these figures (accessible version).

Guide Dogs Code of Business Conduct

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