Guidance on accessible regeneration schemes for people with sight loss

Regeneration and active travel schemes have the potential to change the way towns and cities look, and have a significant impact on the residents, commuters and visitors that use them, including people with sight loss. However, if projects aren't done in an inclusive way, it'll make everyday life harder for people with vision impairment. 

We're regularly approached by local authorities for advice on how to ensure regeneration projects are inclusive for people with a vision impairment. To assist public bodies with this, we've put together a guidance document for those involved in the design or appraisal of regeneration projects including architects, planners and other local authority officers.

This guidance is designed to be a reference document, so each chapter is separate and can be read on its own. For example, all relevant considerations for the public realm are included in chapter three, and it is unnecessary to look at chapter one as well.

Making the built environment inclusive

Our guidance on ensuring regeneration schemes are accessible for people with sight loss.