We aim to ensure that our services are based firmly on what blind and partially sighted people want. Our research programme enables us to gather the evidence we need to ensure that our policies, campaigns and services remain relevant to people with sight loss and allow them to get out and about on their own terms. The main areas of interest we carry out research in, either internally or with the help of external collaborators are listed below: 

Canine research - to support the behaviour, health and welfare of our dogs

Psycho-social research - to investigate how we can support the emotional well-being of our service users

Technology, orientation and mobility - to investigate how technology can help our service users to improve their independent mobility when out and about

Policy Research - to investigate barriers to independent mobility and wellbeing within the environment, in order to develop best practice guidance and inform campaigns

Market and Customer Insight - to increase our understanding of the people we engage with (people with sight loss) and the environment we operate in (the market)

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