• How does Membership work?

    Guide Dogs is registered as a charity but also as a company limited by guarantee. Unlike private companies which have shareholders, companies limited by guarantee have Members. In the event of a shortfall in the charity's funds, this means each Member will make a 'guarantee' in the form of a contribution to our assets. This amount is currently just £1. In return, you will be able to influence the future direction of Guide Dogs, by speaking and voting at our AGM.

  • Who can apply?

    Membership is open to anyone who supports our mission and values. Applications are subject to approval by Guide Dogs’ Trustees. Guide Dogs employees are unable to become Members.
  • What will it cost?
    There are two types of membership: Ordinary and Life. The only difference between the two is the membership fee, which is £20 per year for Ordinary Membership, or a one-off payment of £500 for Life Membership.