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Guide Dogs’ Communications Team is ready to take calls and enquiries from the national media. Please note that if you are a member of the regional press, please contact your local Guide Dogs team.

We are available 24/7 to answer journalists' questions about the charity and its services, events and campaigns. We have key spokespeople across different areas of our work and many of the people we support are happy to share their inspirational stories.

To contact the Communications Team (available between 9 am – 5pm, Monday to Friday), please call 0118 354 0580 (media ONLY) or email (again, this address is for media ONLY).

For all other enquiries, please call 0118 983 5555 or email

National journalists with an urgent out-of-hours enquiry (5pm-9am weekday, weekends and bank holidays) can contact the team’s on-call number: 07920 285741.

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