For funeral directors FAQs

If a family wishes to donate to Guide Dogs at a funeral, perhaps in lieu of flowers, we can send you special collection envelopes. The family can then give the pre-paid envelopes back to you to return to us, or send them directly to us.

To order envelopes, or to see a sample, please call us on 0800 953 0113 or email

You can send them for the attention of the Gifts in Memory team to:

Guide Dogs
Burghfield Common

Please do not send cash in the post. Any cheques should be made payable to 'Guide Dogs' or 'The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’.

We’d love the opportunity to express our gratitude to the family for thinking of us at this difficult time; please provide us with the name of the Next of Kin and their relationship to the deceased, and we’ll write to thank them for their generosity.

Yes, we have several items that can be displayed. We have leaflets describing the different ways the family can support us in memory of their loved one, leaflets about Tribute Funds - our special named funds set up in memory of a loved one, as well as sample collection envelopes. Please call us on 0800 953 0113 and we’ll be happy to send some for you to display.

Yes, at our payment pages. There’s the opportunity for people to let us know the name of the deceased, so that we can make sure the donor is properly acknowledged in our ‘thank you’ letter.

Please contact us for more information