Free Wills Month 2018

Free Wills Month has now closed until 1 March 2019.  Please refer to the National Free Wills Network to get your Will written or updated free of charge.

Free Wills Month offers people aged 55 and over the opportunity to have a simple* Will written or updated free of charge.

The scheme uses local solicitors in selected areas around the UK, and although there’s no obligation to leave a gift to Guide Dogs in your Will, we hope people might consider helping in this special way.

To take part, simply contact a local solicitor between 1 and 31 March 2019. As long as the arrangements have been made during that period, the actual appointment itself can take place at a later date. From the 1 March, go to for details of participating solicitors nearest to you or call 0345 686 4309

*Please be aware that the definition of a ‘simple’ Will is at the discretion of the drafting solicitor.

I thought it may be a complicated process but it was very easy and we had a choice of local solicitors to contact at our convenience. I was so impressed with this service that I would recommend it to anyone.

 Guide Dogs supporter, Glenis

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Lynette and Pippa

Two out of three guide dogs like Pippa exist thanks to the generous gifts that people leave in their Wills. These gifts are vital in helping us to provide the guide dogs of the future.

Before Pippa, I had no dreams or goals past going to bed each night. I was alive but I certainly wasn't living. I’m so grateful to those I’ve never met who chose to help me. Thanks to gifts in Wills, Pippa changed my life.

Lynette, guide dog owner

It's thanks to gifts in Wills that Lynette and many other people living with sight loss have the freedom to live every day to the full.

Guide dog owner Lynette and guide dog Pippa
Guide dog owner Lynette and guide dog Pippa

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