Guide dog owner inspiring stories

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A smiling James with his arm around Comet sitting outside

Read how guide dog Comet helped James to discover his love of travelling.

A guide dog owner and his guide dog walking along a pavement

Read how Josh was able to get his confidence after he was matched with guide dog Ringo.

Devante and guide dog Mack sit in their living room.

Read how Mack the guide dog has changed Devante’s life by giving him confidence, independence, and a smile back on his face.

Hilary smiles to camera while sitting in an armchair.

Five years ago, Hilary's vision deteriorated. Find out how with the help of Guide Dogs, Hilary is out walking every day with her white cane.

Margaret stands smiling in the sunshine, holding a long cane.
Read how Guide Dogs has supported Margaret since 2002.
Hester sits on a bench smiling, on a snow covered ski slope.

Hester and her family were first introduced to Guide Dogs when she was seven-years-old. Find out about Hester’s buddy dog, Dash, and her new guide dog, Pickle.

Jaina and Martin sit on a bench with Martin's dogs, including Laura

Read about Jaina's journey with guide dog Laura, and how the pair featured in an ITV documentary.

Lena's story about her guide dog

Read about how Lena got a newfound confidence in life with the help of her guide dog.

Read how guide dog Yuma, helped Samara become more confident and independent in herself.

Scott and guide dog Milo standing together in a forest with a Christmas tree in the foreground

Read about Scott and Milo's special partnership and how guide dog Milo changed life for Scott and his family.