Guide dog breeds

What makes a great guide dog? It’s more than just training. We’re selective in the breeds we work with to create the right combination of temperament and trainability. Get to know our guide dog breeds including the Labrador retriever, golden retriever, German shepherd and a variety of crossbreeds, why we choose them and discover more about their care needs.

Our guide dog breeds

A black Labrador stands on the grass in a park, looking to the side.

Find out why Labrador retrievers are the most recognisable guide dog breed.

A close-up head shot of golden retriever Pudding looking into camera

Known to be friendly, loyal and affectionate - golden retrievers make wonderful partners for guide dog owners.

A German shepherd sits on the grass looking to camera with their mouth open.

German shepherds are known for their intelligence and love of learning, which helps them excel as life-changing guide dogs.

A poodle cross Labrador retriever lays on the grass with their tongue out, looking to camera.

Learn all about our unique crossbreeds and why they make excellent guide dogs.

Our world-class breeding programme

We use several dog breeds in our world-class breeding programme so we can produce a diverse range of guide dogs to meet the needs of all the people we support. Our canine science team play a vital role in partnering happy, healthy dogs with people with vision impairment in the most efficient, effective and forward-thinking way, maximising dog wellbeing.

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