Friends and family sighted guiding training

Feel confident guiding loved ones that are visually impaired with our friends and family practical group training. As well as learning the skills you need to guide safely, you’ll also gain an understanding of different eye conditions – all in just a half-day session.

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Half-day practical training

We are now offering virtual sessions of our Friends and family training. Our team can provide you with the support you need to get online. To join an upcoming session, please go to the ‘sign up for training’ below.

Sighted guided training helped Graham and Fiona get about with less stress and more confidence – and it can help you do the same. Come along to one of our training sessions to share experiences with others and learn the techniques of sighted guiding with expert support from our team.

On top of building your confidence in guiding, you’ll also:

  • Learn about different sight loss conditions
  • Improve your sighted guiding skills to support your friend or family’s needs
  • Meet others in a similar situation

Learning how to guide someone

As part of full sighted guiding training, you’ll learn things like:

  • Giving clear instructions to describe obstacles, hazards or changes in ground surface – without overloading the person you’re guiding with information
  • Using directions such as ‘left’ or ‘straight ahead’, not ‘over there’
  • Leaving enough room around obstacles – not forgetting those at head height as well as ground level
  • Never pushing or pulling the person you’re guiding

By learning a technique or two in sighted guiding, you’ll be well on your way to providing help confidently and safely whenever needed.

Learn techniques for sighted guiding in a half-day practical session.

My Sighted Guide training with Sophie Thompson

Sight loss is an issue close to actress Sophie Thompson’s heart as both her mother and grandmother were diagnosed with hereditary glaucoma.

To understand more about our sighted guiding service and help us raise awareness of how it can change lives, Sophie spent time with My Sighted Guide trainer, Fran. Fran taught her how to guide someone confidently and in the best way for them.

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