Friends and Family Sighted Guide Training

This training is ideal if you want to feel more confident when guiding a friend or family member with a vision impairment. It will enable you to help your friend or family member get out and about and do the things they enjoy. Through this group training, you’ll also meet people in a similar situation for mutual support.

Guide Dogs is committed to Sighted Guiding – we’ve seen the benefits it delivered to people’s lives. Over the course of this year we will be doubling the size of the team delivering training to the friends and family of a person with a vision impairment, and to the community and corporates, with the aim of making sighted guiding skills as widespread and well-known as first aid.

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on realigning our teams and preparing for the next phase of our service provision. During this time we will be completing fewer training days, so there may be a delay in providing new courses, but we look forward to getting back to full speed in the summer.

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Who is the session for?

This training is specifically tailored to the support networks of an adult with a vision impairment, including friends, family members and colleagues. You can attend either by yourself or with a group of friends and family. A maximum of eight people can attend each session.

Your friend or family member with sight loss is welcome to attend but does not have to. The training is suitable for adults and children aged 12 years and over to learn the basics of sighted guiding, where the child is accompanied by an adult.

What does the training cover?

  • How to use sighted guide techniques to help people get around the obstacles they come across every day, so that they can get out and about with confidence.
  • Top tips for practical guiding, such as the correct grip to use, walking through narrow spaces and how to detect changes on the ground and at head level.
  • Discussion on some of the emotional consequences of sight loss.
  • An introduction to access rights for those with sight loss and the challenges they can face.
  • Meeting others with similar experiences, with the chance to share knowledge and helpful tips with each other.

When does the training take place?

Our sessions run throughout the month at different times. We’ll work with you to find a session that suits you. These sessions are delivered online, but face-to-face session can be arranged if required.

I really would highly recommend relatives and friends attend this training. I certainly gained a better understanding of sight loss, it has given me more patience, and knowledge of how I can help by better describing and assisting, in my case my husband, with everyday living.
Sandie, Friends and Family Training participant 

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