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Initials/acronym  Explanation 
AR annual review

cerebral or cortical vision impairment
(CVI can sometimes refer to a certificate of vision impairment)

CYP  children and young people 
DSA  disabled students’ allowance or a disabled student assessment 
EHC PLAN  education and health care plan 
ERB  education resource base 
ESA  education support assessment 
EYFS  early years foundation stage 
FE  further education 
FVA  functional vision assessment 
HE  higher education 
IAG  information, advice and guidance 
IASS  Independent Advice Support Service 
ILD  individual learning difficulty 
ISP  independent specialist provider 
KS  key stage 
LA  local authority 
LSA  learning support assistant 
LVA  low vision aid or low vision assessment 
LVD  low vision devices 
MDVI  multiple disability with vision impairment 
MLD  moderate learning difficulties 
PMLD  profound multiple learning difficulties 
QTVI  qualified teacher of children with vision impairment 
SALT  speech and language therapy or speech and language therapist 
SEN  special educational needs 
SEND  special educational needs and disabilities 
SENDCO  special educational needs and disability coordinator 
SENDO  special education needs and disability officer 
SENDO  case worker, supports the SENDO 
SENDIST  special educational needs and disability tribunal 
SFE  Student Finance England 
SLD  severe learning difficulties 
TA  teaching assistant 
TAC  team around the child 


Assessment of need a formal procedure to assess your child’s equipment and support needs 
Auditory short-term memory  the ability to retain information straight away through listening 
Expanded curriculum/alternative or additional curriculum  this can be taught alongside the national curriculum when a child or young person needs to learn extra skills, such as Braille lessons 
Personal or individual budget  an arrangement where parents or guardians have direct control over the money (funding) that’s spent on equipment or services to support their child. Funding may come from local statutory bodies, or education, health and social services 
Visual acuity  the smallest detail somebody can see looking straight at a stationary, high-contrast target in good lighting 

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