Starting primary school

In the UK, most children start school in the Autumn term (September) after their fourth birthday.

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Applying for a primary school place

Preparing for the first day

Once your child’s primary school has been confirmed, a meeting should be arranged between parents, your Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and any other key professionals working with your child (such as the Qualified Teacher of children and young people with  vision impairment - QTVI) to develop a transition plan.

Early introduction to school routines

To help your child get used to some of the daily routines at school you may want to discuss and practice some typical activities and tasks.

Additional support

Assessing your child’s vision

Before your child starts at primary school, their QTVI will carry out a Functional Vision Assessment to determine the best way to support your child’s learning. 

Helping staff understand your child’s needs

Making the school environment safe

Some reasonable adjustments may be necessary to make sure the school facilities are safe and accessible.

Specialist equipment and resources

Specialist resources may include braille resources, sensory toys or assistive technology, such as tablets and computers.

Preparing at home

To help your child get ready for primary school, you could try encouraging some independence and self-help skills.

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