The graduated approach

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What is ‘the graduated approach’?

Part 1: Assess

Firstly, the school will look carefully at your child’s needs to determine where any difficulties lie. Needs are usually considered to be within one of the following four categories.

Part 2: Plan 

Once the assessment stage has been completed you and your child (if appropriate) will be invited to meet to decide on the next steps and this will involve developing a plan of action.

Part 3: Do 

The class or subject teacher is then responsible for making sure the agreed plan is carried out effectively.

Part 4: Review

Regular reviews, with the frequency determined by your child’s school, should take place between you, your child (if appropriate) and all relevant staff to evaluate the quality, effectiveness and impact of the support. This will include looking at your child’s recent progress and development, the feelings of you, your child and staff, as well as any new attainment or assessment data. Next steps can then be identified, and relevant changes made to the plan to make sure your child has the best possible opportunity to achieve their outcomes.

This cycle of action should be revisited regularly, and the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle repeated.

What happens if my child is still not making progress and is not achieving their outcomes?

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