Family support

Discovering your child has a vision impairment can be a worrying and confusing time but we’re here to give emotional and practical support to you and your family.

We know that consistent and informed support for the whole family, including grandparents, brothers and sisters, is invaluable for parents of a child with a vision impairment – that's why our experienced experts have put together this information and advice.

Here to help you and your family

We tailor our support to your family's needs and goals. We have a huge range of resources and links with other organisations that can help you.

Our children can do whatever they want, they just need support from people like Guide Dogs.
Sophie, mum of two children with a vision impairment

Get support for your family

Every year we help hundreds of families by listening to what they’re going through and working alongside them.

Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, we can help you if:

  • You're worried that your child's sight has recently changed 
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a vision impairment
  • You believe that your child has a vision impairment but hasn't received a diagnosis yet
  • You need help understanding your child's frequent hospital visits/eye tests
  • You've moved to a new area and aren't sure what support is available to you
  • Your child does not receive, or you are looking to apply for, benefits and grants
  • You are looking for activities and early development advice for your child
  • You have any concerns about your child's sight

Our family support services are available in England and Wales. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, please give us a call and we’ll refer you to local support organisations that will be able to help with your specific needs.

Emotional support when you need it

We understand that some families need more than practical advice and guidance, they also need emotional support. Our specialist team can give you an empathetic ear and a space to talk.

To help you build your support network, we can put you in touch with other parents in similar circumstances through our monthly online peer support network. We can also help you meet other families through our family events.

For families who have recently gone through diagnosis, we also host an annual family weekend, where we run various supportive workshops and offer an opportunity for parents to meet, socialise and share experiences.

In this section...

We offer useful information providing you with advice on how to address their questions and who to turn to for support and guidance.
We explain all the misconceptions about vision impairment and provide helpful information to support you and your child. 
This handy guide has all the information you need about the professionals available to support you and your child.
Useful information to dispel myths you may hear about vision impairment in children. We hope this information will put your mind at ease.

We offer practical and emotional support to you and your family during every step of your child's diagnosis of a vision impairment.

An overview of a number of eye conditions and what they mean.
This jargon buster gives an explanation of some of the terminology you may hear during a hospital visit.
We offer suggestions and advice to help you support your children.
This guide contains helpful information when trying to access the services you require.
This step-by-step guide is here to help. We can also offer you additional practical support and guidance through the process.
We are here to offer help and support with the loss of your dog.

Do you need help?

Please get in touch if you'd like some advice, or to chat about how we can help you.

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