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Find the best mainstream and assistive tech for your vision impairment.

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or which product is best. The Tech selector is here to help you identify the right mainstream and assistive tech for you. Our reviews have been created by experts from across the sight loss sector so you can find technology to suit your budget, skill level and your own vision impairment. 

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Being independent at home

Find technology to help you around the home, from smart speakers to useful apps.

Getting out and about

Find tech that can help you get around more easily, from smart canes to GPS devices.

Health and wellbeing

Find useful tech to support your health and happiness, from smart phones to watches.

Hobbies and leisure

Find technology that can help you enjoy more of your hobbies, from tablets to portable speakers with tactile controls.


Find a range of tech that can help you to read, from magnifiers to AI-powered glasses.

Staying in touch

Find tech that can help you communicate with friends and family, from different phones to smart speakers.


Find technology that can support your studies, from wireless braille displays to desktop magnifiers.


Find a range of tech that can be helpful in the workplace, from smart devices to reading apps.

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We have selected items and reviewed them on the basis that they are items which we consider users with sight loss would want to know about and understand. The views expressed are our own derived from our own experience of the items reviewed. Reviews are based upon our interpretation of the likely needs and the suitability of a product or service to meet the needs of those with sight loss. We do not endorse nor are we responsible for any Products or Services reviewed or for the content of any Third-Party Website referred to or for the availability of products and services offered by third parties.

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Find more useful resources on our Technology pages or if you have any other questions about technology for vision impairment you can discuss your options with a helpful advisor from RNIB’s Technology for Life helpline.

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Our tech reviews have been selected and created by sight loss experts and people with lived experience from: Blind Veterans UK, Glaucoma UK, Guide Dogs, Henshaws, The Macular Society, Retina UK, RNIB, Thomas Pocklington Trust, Technology Association of Visually Impaired People (TAVIP) and Visionary with key input from a panel of professionals, with lived experience, from the following organisations: Berkshire Vision, Outlookers, Seescape, Sight Advice South Lakes, Sight Concern Worcestershire, Sight Airedale and The Braillists Foundation
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