Technology for vision impairment

Technology is a big part of our everyday lives. And if you're living with vision impairment, you can find a range of assistive technology to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here we recommend accessibility technology products and tools that can help you or your family living with sight loss. From mobile phones and accessibility apps and features, to smart home devices, screen readers, software and braille - we know the difference the right tech can make.

Living independently with technology

Discover how Marie embraces her hobbies with the help of technology - from photography to video editing to cooking, in the first episode of our brand new, 'Technology & Me' series.

If you would prefer to watch Marie's video without audio description, there is a non-described version here.

How technology can help you

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technologies - or adaptive technologies - are devices, software, or tools that help a person with disabilities to overcome barriers and challenges and help accomplish tasks more independently.

Some examples of assistive technology for people with vision impairment include: screen readers, screen and video magnifiers, Braille devices, electronic mobility aids, and specialised software applications.

Why is assistive technology important?

Assistive technology can help people with sight loss and other disabilities be more independent. It can help you carry out tasks that may have otherwise been challenging or impossible. These can include things like mobility aids, communication devices and adaptive equipment, all helping you manage different aspects of your daily routine with ease.

Despite major advances in technology, there are still barriers that render some software, apps and devices inaccessible, proving just how important assistive technology is in bridging that gap.

Assistive technology – for me, a screen reader and Braille display – empowers me with access to the tools and information I need to be independent, flourish at work and pursue my hobbies. In short, it allows me to live my life on my terms.
Darren, a tech user

What support is available for using assistive technology?

A child reading braille book

Is braille still relevant in 2023? For Siobhan, Marie and Mel it shaped their love for reading, helped them learn new skills and remains a constant in their lives.

Boy typing on his Apple iPad

With the right technology, children and young people with a vision impairment can learn, play and grow. Find out how your child can receive tech from Guide Dogs.

Our popular guides to assistive technology for vision impairment

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