People with sight loss are using technology every day, it's opening up the world for them and enabling them to make many more choices about where they go and what they do. At Guide Dogs, we work in collaboration with others to influence the design of technologies, ensuring they meet your needs.

Did you know?

You can download NVDA, a screen reader for Windows, for free. Or you can try the screen reader or magnifier built into Windows 10. To start the magnifier, press Windows + Plus; to turn it off, press Windows + Escape.

Opening up the world with technology

A boy using a screen magnifier on his tablet at a Guide Dogs event
With the right technology, children and young people with a vision impairment can learn, play and grow. Find out how you can apply for a grant.
Zoom logo
Guide Dogs are offering Technology Webinars, to help people with sight loss, their friends and families and anyone that may support people with sight loss, gain a wider knowledge of technology and its benefits. 
Hands tap at a computer
There's a huge range of apps, platforms and software that can make life easier when living with sight loss but this also creates a lot of opportunity for fraud. Take a look at our guidance to staying safe online.
Child looks at his ipad smiling
Read our tips on keeping your children, and young people, safe when they're online.
Phone screen with apps showing Guide Dogs
Take a look at the apps that we think could help you to be more active and independent.
Find out how smart lighting can help you in your home. Take control by just using your voice.
A woman using a smartphone

Take a look at our series of accessible videos to help explain many of the useful accessible features on your iPhone.

Whilst Guide Dogs may be able to suggest various third party websites and third party applications which may be able to assist you, those are not endorsed by Guide Dogs.  Guide Dogs has no control over those third parties and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information and support they can provide or the suitability and quality of any products or services they provide.