Life skills

These life skills cover just that — daily life. From everyday activities in the home, personal care to getting out and about safely. Our advice is here to help you live independently and confidently. 

Our guidance is for anyone living with sight loss, whether you have some vision remaining or none at all. And because we understand that each person’s experience of sight loss is different, we've covered a range of options so that you can find something to suit your needs. This includes protective techniques, specialist equipment, or just simple ‘blind hacks’. If you have some remaining vision, then we've also suggested some useful strategies to make the most of the vision you have left.

In this section...

Guide dog owner John with his wife Jan at home on the sofa

Skills, strategies and equipment to help you look and feel good and keep on top of household chores.


Man smiles whilst in a cafe using his cane

To enable you to feel confident moving around independently, we’ve created some guidance on getting around safely.


An image of a man holding a bottle and using a magnifier to read the label

Tips to help you make use of any remaining vision so that you can carry out everyday tasks and move around safely and easily.