Mobility skills

To enable you to feel confident moving around independently, we’ve created some guidance on getting around safely. These practical tips range from mobility for both outdoors and indoors, to independent living skills. 

In this section...

Techniques to help you move around safely and independently.

A technique to help you walk safely through hallways and rooms, walk in a straight line or to learn more about what is around you. 

Techniques for when you want to walk across a large open space.

A guide to using a cane to locate different changes in the floor surface, such as steps and texture. 

A technique when moving around indoors or when you may need some extra protection.

A guide for navigating stairs or steps with your long cane.

A technique to help you learn the new layout of a room.

Guide to help you locate dropped items.

A technique that can be used to help you find dropped items and become familiar with what’s near you.