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Each refusal is crushing, confidence shattering, rejecting, and traumatic. I always feel that I don't want to go out after - but work dictates I must.

Guide dog owner, Stevenage

75% of assistance dog owners surveyed have been refused access to a restaurant, shop or taxi. With your help, we’re campaigning so that assistance dog owners can access taxis, shops and restaurants without being refused entry, in line with their legal rights.

Under the Equality Act, guide dog and other assistance dog owners have the right to enter the majority of services, premises and vehicles with their dog. The most frequent places that guide dog owners are refused access are restaurants, shops and taxis.

In a one-year period, 42% of assistance dog owners were refused entry to a taxi or minicab because of that dog. That is why we are calling on the Government to make sure that all taxi and minicab drivers carry out disability equality training.

Teach a taxi driver new tricks


Hail storm 2016

This report takes a closer look at the experiences of assistance dog owners and the taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) industry. A survey of over 500 people found that 42% had been refused access by a taxi or PHV in the last year. Read more about how and why these refusals are happening, the impact they have, and our recommendations for change.


Access All Areas Report 2015

A survey of over 1,110 assistance dog owners revealed that 75% have experienced an access refusal. Read the report to find out where good practice is happening, as well as where access refusals are taking place and why.

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