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A report into the impact of access refusals on guide dog owners in 2022

Join our campaign to Open Doors for guide dogs. It’s the law.

Guide dog owners continue to face access refusals from businesses and services including cafés, shops, and taxis because they are accompanied by their guide dog – despite this almost always being illegal. Three-quarters of guide dog owners say they have experienced an access refusal in the past.

Access refusals can have a negative impact on people’s confidence and their lives. That's why we’re working to open doors for guide dogs. We’re educating businesses on the law and campaigning for government to strengthen it.  

The first step is knowing that access refusals are happening. If you’re a guide dog owner, please download our new app which helps you report access refusals or get support.

Aggressive taxi driver refuses guide dog
Each refusal is crushing, confidence shattering, rejecting, and traumatic. I always feel that I don't want to go out after - but work dictates I must.
Guide dog owner, Stevenage

Open Doors for guide dog owners – information for businesses

It’s important that restaurants, shops, cafés, taxi operators and other business owners, and their staff, are aware of the law relating to access rights for guide and other assistance dog owners. We have prepared some information that we hope service providers will find helpful.

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