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Why we're campaigning

I was almost hit by an e-scooter. It was so close that I felt the wind from his movement on my face as he went by. I was really frightened because I didn't know what it was, and I was disorientated and thought I must have stepped into the road.
Rachael, person with sight loss

E-scooters are almost silent, which means that people with sight loss have little or no warning that they are approaching. Even a near miss with an e-scooter can rob people with vision impairment of the confidence to go out independently.  

Trials of e-scooters for hire are currently running to help decide whether they should be legalised. Sales of e-scooters for private use are booming, even though using them on a public road remains illegal. 

In April 2021, a YouGov survey for Guide Dogs found that half the people who had come across e-scooters saw them driven unsafely. Even though it’s against the law, most e-scooters are being used on the pavement, where they are most likely to come into conflict with pedestrians. 
In spite of this widespread illegal use, when we asked police forces how many of them were taking action against unsafe driving of e-scooters, very few said they were.  
We are working with the UK Government and companies running the trials to talk about the impact of e-scooters on sight loss. We’re also continuing to call for the law as it stands to be enforced to tackle illegal use of e-scooters.  
If e-scooters are legalised, this will have a dramatic and irreversible effect on our streets. We have one chance to make sure that people with disabilities don’t lose out as a result. Will you help us?

Encourage the government to consider the impact of e-scooters legalisation on people with sight loss.