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Why we're campaigning 

Travelling can be difficult for people living with a vision impairment, especially when they are on their own. We heard from several guide dog owners who found travelling by bus challenging as they were unaware when they had reached their stop. As a result, we began campaigning for audio announcements to be introduced to all buses to help people living with a visual impairment to understand where they are and when they need to get off.

However, almost two years later they have still not told bus companies how or when they should do this. We're asking our campaigners to write to their MPs to ask them to take action. Support the campaign now.

I have missed my stop before because the driver drove past it without saying anything to let me know. I once asked a driver for the number of the stand I was at and he completely ignored me, very rude! These experiences are part of my apprehensions currently.
Lee Worcester, guide dog owner

The challenges of using buses for guide dog owners

What we have achieved

Back in October 2016, as a result of our charity campaigner's hard work, we secured legislation meaning all buses need to have audio-visual announcements, helping passengers with sensory impairments navigate bus journeys. The Government made an amendment to the Bus Services Bill that required all buses to provide accessible next-stop and final-destination information for people with vision impairments – fantastic! The Bill became law in 2017.

Amazing results like these demonstrate how campaigning really does change lives and can have a hugely positive impact on the lives of people living with a vision impairment. 

However, we still need the government to show how they will implement this law. Write to your MP to help drive change today.


Destination Unknown

A report based on a bus passenger survey of 2,009 people, which took place between February and July 2014, shows that nearly two thirds of blind or partially sighted passengers have missed their stop at least once during the last six months.

Road to Nowhere 2013

We ran a survey between 2012 and 2013 to find out about people’s experiences of using the bus. It revealed that 9 out of 10 people with sight loss found travelling by bus caused them difficulties when visiting places.

The TAS Report

The TAS Report into “Installing Audio-Visual Equipment on Buses – Cost and Practicality Issues”, revealed the real costs of AV: it only costs £2,550 to install AV on a double-decker bus. In comparison, a new bus costs around £190,000.

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Talking Buses still hasn't been fully implemented.