What have we achieved?

December 2015

We held a Christmas event for MPs in Speaker’s House in the Houses of Parliament, to encourage them to show their support for Simon Hoare MP’s Bill at its second reading the following day.

In response to the second reading the Government announced that it is unable to support the Bill at this stage but that it will conduct research in 2016 into how legislation on pavement parking could be introduced. This will include a roundtable discussion, that Guide Dogs will attend to help to shape the research. This positive result meant that Simon Hoare withdrew the Bill to allow time for the research to take place.

November 2015

We delivered over 1,200 pavement-parking-themed birthday cards to the Minister for Parking, Andrew Jones MP, as well as surprising him with the news that we had named a guide dog puppy ‘Jones’ after him! We wanted to show the Minister how much support there is on the issue of pavement parking, to encourage him to introduce legislation.

June 2015

Twenty MPs were chosen by ballot to have the opportunity to put forward a Bill of their choice before Parliament. Thanks to contact from Guide Dogs campaigners, and the wealth of evidence shown on our pavement parking map, Simon Hoare MP chose pavement parking as the issue for his Bill, the Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill. The Bill would introduce a law in England and Wales which would replicate the legislation in place in London.

April 2015

We launched a Pavement Parking Map created from photos of pavement parked cars from all over the UK, submitted by supporters.