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What is Name a Puppy?

Our Name a Puppy scheme is a wonderful opportunity for you to be at the heart of a guide dog puppy's story. Through the Name a Puppy scheme you can “name” a guide dog pup and follow their journey with guide dogs. You’ll gain insights into the world of guide dogs and how our young pups progress through their training – as they aspire to become life-changing guides of the future. 

We have four different naming levels  for you to choose from.  Each one follows the puppy you have named to a different milestone in their guide dog training – some naming schemes even have the opportunity to meet the puppy too!

Ready to start your Name a Puppy journey?

Why Name a Puppy?

  • For our pups: A name is an incredibly special gift. Their name gives them an identity. It will be the single most important word that they will learn as it’s a signal to them that says “the next message is for you”. 
  • For you: We’re sure you’ll eagerly anticipate the news of the puppy you have named and will enjoy being at the heart of a guide dog pups story. It’s a fundraising achievement to be proud of too! In the future every time you see a guide dog you’ll have that wonderful feeling that you have helped us to make that happen, and somewhere out there is a four-legged friend helping someone that you named through our Name a Puppy scheme.
  • For someone living with sight loss: Our guide dogs give hope, confidence, joy, independence, freedom and companionship to list just a few of the words that have been used to describe our wonderful dogs. With your support, we can help more people affected by sight loss live their lives to the full.

Who can name a puppy?

Anyone can take up the challenge to name a puppy.  As an individual on your own or with a group of friends.  Maybe you want to name a pup as part of a one-off workplace challenge, or are inspired to choose us as your Charity of the Year?  Sporting groups, social groups are all welcome as are schools and youth groups too! 

How to Name a Puppy:

  • Step oneComplete our online form. We will then be in touch to talk you through the different naming levels and find the one that’s perfect for you.  We’ll make sure you have all the fundraising information you need; from top tips to how to pay the monies in too.  

  • Step two – Target achieved – that’s incredible!  Once the donation has been safely received we ask you to suggest both a male and female name or a unisex option and complete our puppy naming form.

  • Step three – Await the exciting news that the pup you have named is here and ready to start their guide dog journey.

Naming levels

We have a range of levels with our Name a Puppy scheme, have a look through and see which one you might like to do. Each scheme follows a puppy to a different milestone in their guide dog journey.