Rocky's Naming Story

Meet Rocky, a handsome rich coloured yellow Labrador. Rocky was named by staff and customers at Morrisons Dumbarton in Scotland.

The gift of a name

Puppy Rocky was named by Morrisons Dumbarton, who along with ten other Morrisons stores in the West of Scotland chose Guide Dogs as their local charity partner.

Fundraising activity

After hearing about another Morrisons store’s Name a Puppy experience, the team at Morrisons Dumbarton were inspired to Name a Puppy too. Staff and customers held a variety of fundraising events including a raffle, bag packs, collections, and even a sponsored head shave.

The story behind the name

The store asked staff and customers for name suggestions. One of the names put forward was Rocky, after the local historic site, Dumbarton Rock. It was agreed by all that Rocky would be the perfect name.

In their own words

We really enjoyed fundraising to name Rocky. Our staff and customers really got behind our fundraising and we managed to meet our fundraising target in under a year.

We asked for suggestions from staff and customers on what to name our puppy, and in the end, we all agreed on Rocky after Dumbarton Rock.

Our favourite part of the scheme was when Rocky came to visit our store and we all had a chance to meet him!
Lynn McPherson, People Manager at Morrisons Dumbarton 

Guide Dogs Fun Fact

Currently the most popular gifted names for our named puppies are:

Top 5 girl's names:

  1. Bella

  2. Bonnie

  3. Cassie

  4. Holly

  5. Hope

Top 5 boy's names:

  1. Buddy

  2. Arthur

  3. George

  4. Simba

  5. Spencer

Our new puppies all live with our wonderful volunteer Puppy Raisers (formerly called a Puppy Walker), who care for our pups from when they are just 7-8 weeks for just over a year when the puppy is ready to move on to the next stage of their journey.

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