Awards and recognition

2019 Volunteer Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!


Open: Lynn Noble
Passionate: Tim Donohoe
Innovative: Christine Peters
Newcomer: Megan Kinch
Young volunteer: Jake Willetts
Group: Lucy’s bowl


Open: Catherine Howard
Passionate: Joanne Butler
Innovative: Viv Watkins
Newcomer: Geraint Morgan
Young volunteer: Heather Worofka
Group: Ceredigion Group


Open: Monica Cave
Passionate: Lyn and Mike Dennis
Innovative: Carolyn Farler and Sue Marks
Newcomer: Wayne Abott and Sarah Hillman
Young volunteer: Rosie Jones
Group: The Drivers team

Glasgow and West of Scotland

Open: Douglas Selkirk
Passionate: Beata Bystrek
Innovative: Elaine Perry
Newcomer: Margaret Barclay
Young volunteer: Robert Meikle
Group: Chatelherault Cohorts and Hamilton Fundraising Group


Open: Lynne Dean
Passionate: Janet Derbyshire
Newcomer: Grahame Penny


Open: Jo-Ann Dyson
Passionate: Enid Whiteside
Innovative: Phil Taylor
Newcomer: Chris Towers
Young volunteer: Brittany Stead
Group: The Beesting Family


Open: Ben Adamson
Passionate: Naomi Ditchfield
Innovative: Alison Tanner- Davies
Newcomer: Dr Chris Baker
Young volunteer: Jack Cullen
Group: Stephanie Wright, Sarah Pearse, Diana Baker


Open: Marion Fentiman
Passionate: Daniel Bateman
Innovative: Jacqui Hayler
Newcomer: Alex Pepper
Young volunteer: Abbie Langridge
Group: Bexley Fundraising Group

Midlands incl Leamington

Open: Helen Seaman
Passionate: Charles Bloch
Innovative: Debbie Jarvis
Newcomer: Debra Ramsay & Jo Gibson
Young volunteer: George Upfield
Group: Rugby fundraising group


Open: Trudy Stables
Passionate: Dee Moloney
Innovative: Janet Pulham
Newcomer: Chris Carherall
Young volunteer: Maddie Scarlett
Group: CEO group (Th Magnificent 7)


Open: Lydia Hulme
Passionate: Mike Piper
Innovative: Katie Robertson
Newcomer: Ian and Helen Bewick
Young volunteer: Eliza Robinson
Group: North Tyneside Fundraising group


Open: Terry and Sallie Rodgers
Passionate: Helen Duffy and Son Thomas
Innovative: Teresa Thomson
Newcomer: Alan Cupitt
Young volunteer: Chelsea Barsby, Nevie Shillitto
Group: Amber Valley Fundraising group

NW including Atherton

Open: Keith and Christine Boothman
Passionate: Pat Keane
Innovative: Linda Redford
Newcomer: Colin Adamson
Young volunteer: Christina Newman
Group: NW drivers group


Open: Tessa Wilkinson
Passionate: Carolyn Allum
Innovative: James Watt
Newcomer: Lisa Corbett
Young volunteer: Lisa Johnston
Group: Malcolm and Jackie Willis


Open: Alison and John Brisland
Passionate: Sally Davies
Innovative: Nadia Turnbull
Newcomer: Lisa Gallyer
Young volunteer: Isabella Hadden
Group: Oxford Meet the Guide dogs



Open: Sue Osorio
Passionate: Christine Wheeler & Lindsey Rowlands
Innovative: Clare Williams
Newcomer: Louise Prince
Young volunteer: Daniel Cragg
Group: Shrewsbury Volunteer Voices


Open: Sarahjane Commarford
Passionate: Gill Maynard
Innovative: Maria Roberts
Newcomer: Jayne Seymour
Young volunteer: Calum Brennan
Group: Warminster and Westbury Group


Open: Sarah Sharp
Passionate: Jill and Cliff Wyles
Innovative: James Hodgkins
Newcomer: Malcolm Holland
Young volunteer: Aimee Gill
Group: Luton and Dunstable

Pat on the Back recognition scheme

Guide Dogs’ vision is of a society in which people with sight loss enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else. At Guide Dogs we really value the contribution and commitment of all our volunteers and staff, working together to ensure that our vision is achieved.

The Pat on the Back recognition scheme is designed to recognise outstanding achievements of individuals or teams volunteering or working for Guide Dogs which contribute towards our overall mission and demonstrate our values:

  • Dedicated to superior quality
  • Trustworthy
  • Inclusive and embracing
  • Customer focused
  • Maximising impact
  • Passionate and determined

What is a Pat on the Back?

Pat on the Back is a scheme whereby volunteers and staff members can be nominated for carrying out something over and above their usual activities or duties in line with our values and contributing to our overall purpose. It can be a one off activity or something that has taken place over a period of time.

Anyone can nominate a staff member or volunteer including Guide Dogs’ volunteers, staff members, clients and members of the public. Where someone doesn’t have access to the internet, a staff member may need to assist them with their nomination.

What will happen once I have submitted my nomination?

Once we have received your nomination form the person you have nominated will receive a thank you letter containing your message from the nomination form along with a Pat on the Back pin badge. We will include your name in the letter so the person knows who made the nomination.

There is no limit on how many times you can put someone forward for a Pat on the Back, but please think carefully about your reasons before submitting the individual’s details more than once.

Volunteers nominated will also be considered for a local or national volunteering award or the annual People Awards.

There is no closing date for Pat on the Back; it's a rolling programme, so it is timely and you can show your appreciation all year round!

Pat on the Back nomination form

Nomination forms must be typed and submitted to

Get in touch

If you need any help completing the nomination form, please call the volunteering office

0345 143 0191