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Volunteer with our dogs and help support them on their journey to becoming a guide dog. You could provide a loving home for a guide dog puppy, volunteer to walk a working guide dog or foster a guide dog in training. In all these roles, you’ll be offering invaluable support to our organisation and getting hands-on with our canine community. 

Find out more about specific volunteer roles with our dogs in the descriptions below, or you can search for all of our current dog volunteer roles near you by using our postcode search. And don't forget to take a look at our frequently asked questions!

Explore our dog volunteer roles

Provide a temporary loving home for a dog in training, whilst also doing the 'school run' for your dog throughout the week. 

Provide a forever home for a guide dog mum and give temporary loving care to a litter of future guide dogs when they arrive. 

Provide a loving home to a guide dog for just over a year, giving them the basic skills they need to start their guide dog training. 

Provide invaluable support to a guide dog owner by exercising their dog in their local area. 

Provide invaluable support to your local Guide Dog office, by providing day-to-day care for our dogs to help them settle during their training to become a life-changer. 

Provide a temporary loving home for a guide dog puppy, helping to reinforce their training whilst they are away from their Puppy Raisers. 

Provide a forever home for a guide dog dad, helping to shape the future of guide dog breeding. 

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Guide Dogs Puppy Raiser Lisa with Labrador Archie

Find out more about what it's like to volunteer with our dogs: hear from Lisa

Lisa is a Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs. She is on her second puppy, a yellow Labrador called Archie. She said:

‘Now I’m doing it, it’s good and it’s a big part of my life now. I didn’t realise we needed this, but it’s been the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s made such a different to the whole house, the whole home. It’s hard work, toilet training and the sleepless nights. But I love the training aspect of it, and people’s reactions when they say “oh wow that dog is so well behaved”. It’s given me an eye opener. I’m learning new things and it’s an experience for me. It’s the best thing; it makes you feel whole’.


Support our dogs on their way to becoming a guide dog, by looking after our dogs at different points in their journey.

Frequently asked questions about volunteering roles with our dogs

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You can call our volunteering office 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.  

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