Awards and recognition

Pat on the Back recognition scheme

Guide Dogs’ vision is of a society in which people with sight loss enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else. At Guide Dogs we really value the contribution and commitment of all our volunteers and staff, working together to ensure that our vision is achieved.

The Pat on the Back recognition scheme is designed to recognise outstanding achievements of individuals or teams volunteering or working for Guide Dogs which contribute towards our overall mission and demonstrate our values:

  • Dedicated to superior quality
  • Trustworthy
  • Inclusive and embracing
  • Customer focused
  • Maximising impact
  • Passionate and determined

What is a Pat on the Back?

Pat on the Back is a scheme whereby volunteers and staff members can be nominated for carrying out something over and above their usual activities or duties in line with our values and contributing to our overall purpose. It can be a one off activity or something that has taken place over a period of time.

Anyone can nominate a staff member or volunteer including Guide Dogs’ volunteers, staff members, clients and members of the public. Where someone doesn’t have access to the internet, a staff member may need to assist them with their nomination.

Pat on the Back nomination form

Nomination forms must be typed and submitted to

What will happen once I have submitted my nomination?

Once we have received your nomination form the person you have nominated will receive a thank you letter containing your message from the nomination form along with a Pat on the Back pin badge. We will include your name in the letter so the person knows who made the nomination.

There is no limit on how many times you can put someone forward for a Pat on the Back, but please think carefully about your reasons before submitting the individual’s details more than once.

Volunteers nominated will also be considered for a local or national volunteering award or the annual People Awards.

There is no closing date for Pat on the Back; it's a rolling programme, so it is timely and you can show your appreciation all year round!

2018 Local volunteer awards winners

Birmingham mobility team

Customer focused Ron Hughes
Dedicated to superior quality Alan Woolhead
Inclusive and embracing Jessica Powell
Maximising impact Alison Timms
Passionate and determined Debbie Pitts
Trustworthy Sue and Steve Clarkson
Volunteer newcomer Emma and John Newcombe
Younger volunteer Evie Phillips

Cardiff mobility team

Customer focused Fiona Whitelaw
Dedicated to superior quality Peter Thomas
Inclusive and embracing Hilary Lester
Maximising impact Viv Watkins
Passionate and determined Carol Manley
Trustworthy Mike Hall
Volunteer newcomer Carl Sauer
Younger volunteer Sioned Jones

Coventry (central Midlands) and Leamington training school

Customer focused Bill Randle
Dedicated to superior quality Lynn Waters
Inclusive and embracing Jackie Horton and Shakespeare's puppies
Maximising impact Kate Rix
Passionate and determined Sue Bowden
Trustworthy Cheryl White
Younger volunteer Tanya Saunders

Edinburgh mobility team and Fofar training school

Customer focused Andrea Gorrie
Dedicated to superior quality Mike Reid
Inclusive and embracing Victoria Pirrie
Maximising impact Danny Rooney
Passionate and determined Lesley Venters
Trustworthy Christine Brown
Volunteer newcomer Olive and Bruce King
Younger volunteer Ailsa Timoney

Exeter mobility team

Customer focused Anne Skinner
Dedicated to superior quality Christine Short
Inclusive and embracing Iris Chappel
Maximising impact Derek and Norma Stent
Passionate and determined Dave Arney
Trustworthy Sylvia Waite
Volunteer newcomer Alan Klates
Younger volunteer Fadzie Karima

Glasgow mobility team

Customer focused Kerry Foulkes
Dedicated to superior quality Pauline Duff
Inclusive and embracing Elaine Perry
Maximising impact Deborah Robertson
Passionate and determined Glasgow puppy walking mentors
Trustworthy Lyn Carse
Volunteer newcomer Heather Liggat
Younger volunteer Laura Macauley

Hull mobility team

Customer focused Angie Spokes
Dedicated to superior quality Theresa Lascelles
Inclusive and embracing Carole Elms
Maximising impact The Cook family
Passionate and determined Kev Walstow
Trustworthy The Cook family
Volunteer newcomer Paul Laybourne
Younger volunteer Greg Olley

Leeds mobility team

Customer focused Tommy Posliff
Dedicated to superior quality Diana Treweek
Inclusive and embracing Leeds My Guide volunteer team
Maximising impact Thelma Wilson
Passionate and determined Lindsey Moore
Trustworthy Margaret Backhouse
Volunteer newcomer Otley and Aireborough fundraising group

Liverpool mobility team

Customer focused Linda and Matthew Mair
Dedicated to superior quality Helen Lance-Marsden
Inclusive and embracing Joanne Smith
Maximising impact Alex Nealon
Passionate and determined June Jarvis
Trustworthy Ruth Rimmer
Volunteer newcomer Jon Riley
Younger volunteer Hallie Marsden

London mobility team

Customer focused Jeannie Edwards
Inclusive and embracing Graham De Smidt
Maximising impact Jayne Stubbington
Passionate and determined Amit Patel
Trustworthy Niccola and Mo Hutchinson Pascal

Maidstone mobility team

Customer focused Anne Chapman
Dedicated to superior quality Alison May
Inclusive and embracing Marion Williams
Maximising impact Fred Rossiter and Peter Marsh
Passionate and determined John and Sandra Dunn
Trustworthy Deborah Ingram
Volunteer newcomer Anthony Moon
Younger volunteer Kieran Judd

Manchester mobility team and Atherton training school

Customer focused Gillian Yates
Dedicated to superior quality Mary Leigh
Inclusive and embracing Harry Stringer and Kieran O'Kelly
Maximising impact John Wells
Passionate and determined Gillian Pridden
Trustworthy Debbie and John Smith
Volunteer newcomer David Rae
Younger volunteer Uclan Guide Dogs Society

National Breeding Centre

Customer focused Breed stock reception volunteers
Dedicated to superior quality Dog care support volunteers
Maximising impact John Herman
Passionate and determined Dawn Herbert
Trustworthy Peter Turton and Barbara Alexander
Younger volunteer Becky Hunt

Newcastle mobility team

Customer focused Ann Cowan
Dedicated to superior quality Katie Robertson
Inclusive and embracing Diane Brooks and Pat Kane
Maximising impact Chris and Harry Ellis
Passionate and determined Kath Summerfield
Trustworthy John Cragie
Volunteer newcomer Martyn Brown
Younger volunteer Gosforth East Middle School

Northern Ireland mobility team

Customer focused May Wilson
Dedicated to superior quality Helen Baird
Inclusive and embracing Des McClelland
Maximising impact Enniskillen fundraising branch
Passionate and determined Kath Summerfield
Trustworthy Liz Russell
Volunteer newcomer Anne Bill
Younger volunteer Samantha Church

Nottingham mobility team

Customer focused Paul Davidson
Dedicated to superior quality Alan and Margaret Bone
Inclusive and embracing Jessica Pinnick
Maximising impact Gabbie Pattison
Passionate and determined Lesley Smith
Trustworthy Peter Fisher and Chris Stone
Volunteer newcomer Paula Hunt
Younger volunteer Lian Watts

Peterborough mobility team

Customer focused David Butterworth
Dedicated to superior quality Emma Free and Simon Daws
Inclusive and embracing Chris Waller
Maximising impact Sue Dunn
Passionate and determined Karen Hutchison
Trustworthy Andrew Ling
Volunteer newcomer Luke and Owen Free
Younger volunteer Jo Emery and Lisa Hill

Reading mobility team

Customer focused Jenny Eaton
Dedicated to superior quality Kate Field
Inclusive and embracing Nicola Pamphilon
Maximising impact Michael Rees
Passionate and determined Colin Tuck
Trustworthy Geoff Jordan
Volunteer newcomer Alison Nicholson

Shrewsbury mobility team

Customer focused David Duce
Dedicated to superior quality Karen Roberts
Inclusive and embracing Pat Williams
Maximising impact Keith Bourne
Passionate and determined John Turner
Trustworthy Susie Bell
Volunteer newcomer Hannah Leek
Younger volunteer Jack Norris

Southampton mobility team

Customer focused Elaine Leach
Dedicated to superior quality Ken Syvret
Inclusive and embracing Pat Canning
Maximising impact Denise Timms
Passionate and determined Mandy Pike
Trustworthy Lyn Godwin
Volunteer newcomer Brett and Clare Lamplough

Welwyn mobility team

Customer focused Chris Hall
Dedicated to superior quality June Maylin
Inclusive and embracing Ralph Frearson
Maximising impact Anne Pressling
Passionate and determined Sean Dilley and Siobhan Meade
Trustworthy Vivien and Bruce Baker
Volunteer newcomer Colin and Anne Bowley
Younger volunteer Olivia Gran

Winners have been entered into the People Awards

Guide Dogs People Awards 2018