Collection Box Coordinator

To place our iconic boxes locally as part of their daily life and every few months tally up the funds before paying them in to Guide Dogs.

The time commitment for this role is flexible and would include spotting opportunities to place boxes during your daily activities.

Meet one of our existing Collection Box Coordinators

Through setting out the boxes I have met lots of new people and always seem to be on the go

Lena has been volunteering since 2010.

"My husband and I have placed 34 counter boxes in local shops. Through theses 34 boxes we have raised £1,161 in just over 6 months. I visit the shops about once every three months and keep a record of the box numbers and amounts received.

I think every box opened with contents between values £40 to £70 is an achievement. I am so surprised at the kindness of people in this economic environment who are willing to put money in our boxes.

I worked all my life and when I retired I found I was very bored! I did genealogy research for other people to try to fill the gap and made friends by email through this, but I wasn’t out and about. By volunteering for Guide Dogs I find that the public have many questions and I love being able to answer these. Through setting out the boxes and other volunteering roles I have met lots of new people and always seem to be on the go.

Placing boxes can be done as part of your daily life as you go to the shops, the pub, cafés etc., at a time that suits. All Guide Dogs boxes together could generate £1m."

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