James and Comet

James was born with a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa which he inherited from his mum. “It’s like looking through a straw,” James says, “but I’m noticing it’s getting smaller over time.” 

The sky’s the limit now with Comet by my side. I feel full of possibilities, and I’m so excited to find out what the future has in store for us.
James, partnered with Comet

When James was growing up, they didn’t have any animals in the house – until he was 12 years old and his mum was partnered with her first guide dog. This is how he learnt all about Guide Dogs and knew that one day he might have his own guide dog too.

When James’ last dog, Kim, retired, he began using a white cane again and missed the freedom that he felt when he had a guide dog. But, when he heard the news that he had a potential match, James was delighted and couldn’t wait to meet Comet for their test walk. Luckily, they were like two peas in a pod, and the rest was history!

He’s simply given me my life back! I’ve regained so much of the confidence I lost when I was without a guide dog and only had my long cane.

Now, Comet is a customer favourite in the charity shops James volunteers in, and they love taking trips down to the beach together. James feels more confident leaving the house and loves travelling further afield. Comet has helped with all types of transport, such as ferries, trains, and has even braved the busy environment of central London! 

“These adventures have allowed me to build even more trust in him, which I didn’t know was possible. We’ve really strengthened as a team.”

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