Monty's story

Some of our dogs need special care after the end of their career. We found just that for retired guide dog, Monty.

We retired Monty from his career as a working guide dog in 2019 at just under 11 years old. Unfortunately, Monty had also had cancer of the throat, so we needed to find a special home for him where he could enjoy the remainder of his retirement.

We found him the perfect home in rural Devon, where he was able to wander across fields, beaches and sniff out pheasants.

Monty had a wonderful retirement in his new home, but it was brief. After six months, his cancer had returned, and although the vet operated to try and remove the lumps, the cancer had spread. It was sad that Monty didn’t he get to spend longer in Devon - but we are thankful that had such a peaceful end in an idyllic retirement home.

We will always need retirement homes for our dogs, some of whom have minimal health issues, and some who have more serious health needs. If you would be able to offer a retired dog a home, or even an end of life home for one of our dogs, please do apply.