Pudley's story

Pudley, a black and tan German Shepherd, was unable to qualify as a guide dog after showing signs of distraction during training.

Due to Pudley’s loving nature and excitement to say hello to other dogs, he demonstrated signs of high dog distraction when working, which would have been problematic for a guide dog owner.

It was discovered that Pudley also had several health problems when his training to be a guide dog concluded at just under two years of age, including the skin condition Atopic dermatitis, and complications with his anal glands. To help with his health conditions, he undertook a skin trial and treatment which cured both ailments. Once nearing the end of his skin trial, he was introduced to his potential rehomers, and it was love at first sight!

Some people were put off by Pudley due to the German Shepherd being a large dog breed, his high energy levels, medical history and signs of distraction around other dogs, however, this didn’t faze his new owners!

Pudley is a fantastic dog to have at home. He’s so friendly with everyone, plays excellently with other dogs and is admired by all who meet him.
Pudley's new owners

Pudley’s rehomers hadn’t owned a German Shepherd before but had given a home to a rescue dog with similar traits previously. They instantly connected with Pudley for the bright, loyal, and loving family dog he was – nothing put them off.

They decided to become volunteer fosterers to enable them to look after him in their home environment until he was signed off for his skin condition. Once he was signed off, they adopted him straight away.

Thankfully, Pudley quickly adjusted to his new life as a family pet with lots of daily exercise, making friends with his owners’ horse and enjoying his socialisation with other dogs he meets on walks.

He recently experienced his first beach holiday where he learnt how to swim. At first, Pudley was afraid of the waves, but he soon put the fear behind him after he realised his new family members were in the water with him too. It’s now safe to say that he has a newfound love for swimming in the sea, especially when there's a ball involved!

Pudley is an intelligent, fun, and active dog and we’re delighted that he’s adored in his new home. 

We’re not sure why, but we don’t seem to receive as many applications to rehome our lovely German Shepherds when compared to our Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and other guide dog breeds. If like us, you’re a fan of the German Shepherd dog, we’d love to hear from you.