Puppy School for Guide Dogs

In Puppy School for Guide Dogs we meet the remarkable puppies across guide and support dog organisations throughout the UK. Puppies who will provide life-changing assistance and companionship, helping individuals to live with greater dignity and independence. Throughout the series we follow the dogs’ stories, seeing jeopardy; emotion; and joy, as they transform the lives of the people they’ve been sent to help and their families. Puppy School for Guide Dogs aired on Channel 5 during September 2023.

Puppy School for Guide Dogs official trailer

Meet the people and dogs featured on the show

Hester and guide dog Pickle

16-year-old Hester qualified with her guide dog Pickle earlier this year. Blind from birth, she has been supported by Guide Dogs since she was a child. And whilst she can’t see, she can ski and is a champion alpine skier! With guide dog Pickle by her side Hester is hoping to realise her dream of competing in the Paralympic games.

Myriam, volunteer Puppy Raiser

Myriam has been volunteering for Guide Dogs for 23 years as a Puppy Raiser. When they're with her, the dogs are her family and she loves seeing them grow into unique characters. And whilst at times training can be hard work, Myriam is incredibly proud of all her dogs for the life changers they have become, opening the world up again to someone living with sight loss.

Isaac and buddy dog Riley

12-year-old Isaac loves dogs and always dreamed of having a pet. He was born with a birthmark over his eye, caused by a rare neurological condition, which affects his sight. The family applied to be matched with a buddy dog, and since Riley moved into their house in June, mum Louise says the whole family hasn’t stopped smiling.

Ela, guide dog mum

Five- year-old Golden Retriever Ela has had two litters of puppies – or as we call them future life changers. She lives in Shropshire with the Saunders family – mum Kath, dad Greg, Tilly and Edith. They call being a Breeding Dog Holder the best volunteering role at Guide Dogs – you get a beautiful pet and the chance to have puppies – what could be better!

Barry, Guide Dog Mobility Specialist

Barry has worked for Guide Dogs for 13 years and says he always knew he wanted to train guide dogs. A key part of his role is matching people with the right guide dog for them – he has to consider a range of factors including their lifestyle and the type routes they will work together. Barry trains each new partnership and provides regular support during their first year together. 

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